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Eden Mills Writers’ Festival

It is credited with being one of the largest volunteer events of its kind in Canada. This remarkable annual outdoor festival is in its nineteenth year. It has attracted all of the country’s leading writers as well as several from other countries. It includes one-day workshops in jazz and writing led by outstanding artists.

In addition to the outstanding work of the Millpond Conservation Association, the village is fortunate to include a number of people and groups active and skilled in environmental issues. Camp Edgewood not only provides generous access for residents to its beautiful grounds but also runs a grade 10 Community Environmental Leadership program as well as an Environmental Education program for grade 12 students. And the Community Club, at the initiative of Board member and former President Barbara Marshall, has initiated an ongoing series of excellent and well attended talks on ‘Eden Mills and Its Natural Environment’ in addition to its rich array of activities.    

There is a community spirit that is vital and alive in Eden Mills. When the village encounters a problem or recognizes a need, this is a community which rolls up its sleeves and gets going. It does not wait for someone else to fix the problem.